1 definition by radical_gangsta123

A socially inept dipshit (usually around the age of 10 to 16) that tries too hard to be cool by either offending everybody or sounding dark, emo, or nihilistic . You can spot these faggots watching Leafyishere, listening to Vaporwave, saying "kys", "drink bleach," or "i'm dead inside" claiming how they want to kill themselves, sucking off Adolf Hitler and Nazism, being a neo Nazi thinking it makes them cool, and looking at iFunny while sitting on the bleachers in gym class alone. They usually wear ripped jeans and dark af sweaters, they wear sweaters when it is burning hot and sit in corners by themselves acting depressed. They also walk around telling everybody about how their "dead inside" or "depressed", when in reality they just want people to feel bad for them.
Look at Mike, hes such an Edgy Kid, he dosen't like Nazism, we all know hes just trying to get people to feel bad for him.
by radical_gangsta123 April 13, 2019