A term used for a person who can easily attract hot girls without trying.
Kris is an edder, you can tell.
Lucas is an edder, but instead of girls, they are guys.
The homie mute is rolling deep because he's an edder!
The edder's here are Sergio and Rene.
Alex can't possibly be an edder, girls don't like him.
You can tell Daniel is not an edder, he's the opposite.
by EdderA February 24, 2008
To be awesome or extreme! It can be used in place of most any word. It can be used in both good and bad terms. It is also good to rhyme with.
Why are you acting like an edder? or What in the edder are you doing? or This guy was acting like an edder! or Edder - Cheddar - Bed Wetter.
by Edder January 4, 2004
Edders is a depressed homosexual that really annoys everyone. He drinks like a fish and takes lots of prozac
it means a lot to me
by alex August 3, 2004
To be "Edderful", one who has attained "Edderness". A substitution for any word. Can make a good rhyme.
Damn, that was one hot edderful biatch!
by Betty January 4, 2004
One who is duped into the teachings of abstinence-based sex ed. Some beliefs include the notion that oral/anal sex isn't really sex, that the human body is something to be ashamed of, that condoms cause cancer, that you can get pregnant by petting, that half of all gay teens have AIDS, that AIDS can be spread through tears, and the studies that show how ab-ed fails to curb teen pregnancy rates either don't exist, or are part of the evil liberal media conspiracy. Often self-righteous, holier-than-thou.
My friend told me that when she got married, her ab-edder friends wouldn't let her wear a white dress because it "symbolized purity" and she wasn't a virgin. I said she should've slapped their arrogant bitch asses.
by Genetic_Mishap April 2, 2006