Contrary to ignorant posts on this website, Ebonics is NOT mere slang. Rather it is a fully-formed, complex, rule-governed system of language that has specific rules for pronunciation, vocabulary, and word order, all of which operate as a complex grammatical system inherited, in part, from West African languages. Attempts to imitate the speech patterns by those who don’t understand the complexities of the grammatical system of Ebonics not only sound ridiculous but also result in usages that are downright linguistically incorrect and culturally demeaning.

ebonics examples:

Habitual “be”: He be mean to me. (meaning: he is habitually mean to me.)
He mean to me. (meaning: he is being mean to me right now.)
She BEEN married. (stressed “been” meaning she’s been married a long time and still is.)
Multiple negative inversion: Can’t nobody beat ‘em.
by Ms. Marilyn April 23, 2008
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A language commonly used by the African-American race.
English-Hello friend, would you like to go hang out by those gils?
Ebonics-su cuz lets pimp dat way cuz thos biatches is stiaght up off da hizzle for rizzle.
by hizzle_69fizzle September 12, 2003
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Ebonics - Plural noun (treated as singular), Blend of Ebony and Phonics.

The African-American dialect of Standard English, there are different dialects within Ebonics itself. Similar to how the American dialect of English has dialects within itself such as the Texan dialect and the Boston dialect.

Ebonics is a dialect of Standard English just as American, Canadian, Scottish, Irish, Australian ect. forms of English are all dialects of Standard English. It is usually spoken by African-Americans who are the decedents of Black slaves from West Africa and the Caribbean.
Ebonics was born from the fact that African-American slaves were not allowed to learn how to read or write during their lives. Without proper instruction from their English speaking "masters" slaves were forced to learn English with the only language rules they knew from their native languages. Ebonics are usually seen as a form of "broken English" as a result. However they bear a resemblance to Scottish speakers of English.

The Scottish people who used to speak Gaelic had English forced upon them by the English as well during conquest and enslavement. However proper instruction was not given in the language and its rules and as a result the Scottish dialect of English is different than Standard English.

Both Scottish English, and African-American English (Ebonics) are dialects of Standard English. However, certain people have tried to claim that Ebonics is a separate language in it's own right while choosing to ignore basic definitions of language and other examples of similar cases. If Ebonics is indeed a separate language than the Scottish dialect of English, and many other dialects of English will also be different languages. The people who are trying to establish Ebonics as a separate language are simply trying to segregate African-Americans dialects as well as their culture from American culture and not allowing it to be included in Euro-American culture.
by Seperation=discrimination March 31, 2011
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A noun. An ethnic dialect used predominantly in urban areas around the United States
Ebonics-“ what up ho?,” which means “how are you doing young lady”
yo that shiznit be tizight,” which means “that is good stuff

by Dee Boi July 25, 2008
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ebonics is a dialect most commonly used by African-Americans. it involves grammar, punctuation and other things and often changes depending on what state, region you're in. ebonics is NOT slang. those who believe it is only show their ignorance. why would linguists study something that is insignificant. i would suggest those who believe this is only slang to pick up a book on pedagogy, read for clarity and understanding, and if you still don't get it, you never will.
Ebonics - I be wondering why people don't read a book for clarity.
by hericayne May 30, 2007
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words speaking ghettoly by mostly blacks(dont hate)
Damen: my nigga be willin ova nuttin son he be smoking to much dust.
shanana: na na dont be hatten on my homeboi cuz he crunk
damen:be quie u kno all he be doing iz poping dem gats and smoking dat stuff
shanana:aight aight you stright dat es all he be doing
by Tiara August 21, 2004
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