An insult. Bastardization of 'eat me' and 'kiss my ass'.
I told the fucker to go get a spoon and eat my ass.
by gomer May 6, 2003
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1. interjection - used to insult someone. equivalent to fuck off, fuck you, kiss my ass, etc
2. interjection - used to tell someone to rim you, or perform oral sex on your anus hole, also known as anilingus
1. He kept fucking with me so I told him to eat my ass.
2. Hey baby, for something knew, can you eat my ass?
by SanSavior August 7, 2017
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a phrase used to literaly mean lick my anus/asshole, usually said during sex to ones sex partner.
by khalid June 11, 2004
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Put your tongue in my shitty asshole and wiggle it around till I cum on the bed where you sleep at night
Please "eat my ass" tonight while we have sex.
by Assfuckingisgood November 16, 2016
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This is a term usually directed at someone you don't like or just don't care for.
Sally: "Fred is so weird"
Henry: "Fred can eat my ass"
by holveck July 12, 2018
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Shoving your face into one's backside and licking, sucking, or biting down on one's ass/asshole.
Me: Hey Jack, wanna eat my ass? I'm wet right now.
Jack: Hell yeah! How do you want it done? Hard or soft?
Me: I'm feeling hard, I want your tongue all in there.
by idomemesforfun October 30, 2017
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