Someone that deserves to be hit.
WOW what is she doing, she can eat my asshole
by Pop Art! November 3, 2006
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The means to eat one asshole.
Or can be used in the sense that a friend i being a complete fuck ass.
Or a term that is used as a comeback
man she can eat my asshole.
Hey eat my asshole fag
by Benx May 21, 2008
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when your a bitch and u have no life go get one u dumbass
i dont give a fuck eat my asshole
by eat my ass u bitch ass suck December 13, 2017
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A gracious greeting between two gentleman of high social standing. Notably referring to whites only. When referred by different skin colors the phrase is altered, ex: Blacks, Eat My Fat *BLACK* Bootyhole. This is not racist as the alteration of the phrase is just its nature. Can also be insult against strictly straight males, but only when the other is also straight so its funny cause if he was gay, that be fucking gay, miss me wit that gay shit, nigga. Can be a sign of love between two homies, when used like this there is no alteration for skin colors.
Ex 1: "Hello, Mr. President, Eat My Fat Stanky Asshole." "Eat My Fat Stanky asshole as well, Mr. Reeves."
Ex: "Yo my nigga Eat My Fat Black Bootyhole." "Nigga, you gon make me cry, Eat My Fat Black Bootyhole, too."
Ex 3: "Im not gay, but Eat My Fat Stanky Asshole." "Im straight so im offended!"

Ex 4: "Eat My Fat Stanky Asshole." "Wtf bro thats gay."
by BillCosby6911 May 9, 2018
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