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we are aweseome, guido looking, affliction and hot clothes wearing, tan, amazing people. HP is the shit and everyone wants to be us because we are fun and love to party. the guys are guidos and are strong, wear affliction. the girls are hot, love to party, wear short skirts, short jean shorts, sofeys, shop at joice lesly, forever 21, and cute stores. everyone loves there clothes. We even have tv shows after us like jersey shore, jersylicious, and the housewives of NJ. everyone loves EH!!! we are partyyy animals!
did u see jerseyshore last night? all the cute outfits are what people in east hanover wear!
by Jianna Blacksmithei June 25, 2010
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so yeah when you think of jersey and east hanover you think of snooki and all italians. while the italian part may be true snooki lives in florham park now so go hate on them. we don’t wish we were from livingston we are perfectly great in eh! yes we party and yes we are crazy but that’s why everyone loves us!! come on who wouldn’t wanna live in an all italian town that has party’s every other week!!
friend 1: yo we’re going to my second half cousin’s sisters friend’s birthday wanna come?
friend 2: yo is that sally scrivo!!
friend 1: how’d ya know?
friend 2: i met her last night at the pizzeria Romeo and Juliet in East Hanover. let’s go!!
by ehgirl4ever!!lovejersey June 11, 2018
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full of white trash italian guido wannabees and wish they were from livingston there all annoying and think there better then everyone else you dont want to ever go to east hanover or livingston.
man those east hanover girls wish they were from livingston
by you-no-me007 February 22, 2008
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