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joice is an amazing, kind,and trusting.she is opend minded you could tell her anything and she wont judge you about any of it and instead help and give advice she isnt very good at only feeling things for one person (romantically) her lust for others will make it hard to commite but she is an amazing friend shes very special and loyal never let go of her and cherish all your moments with her sheis also increadibly intelligent
hey joice can you help me
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Joice is a cooler word for choice: Instead of a choice you are making a joice, otherwise known as a JUICY CHOICE. It is a choice in which no matter what you choose, the outcome will be juicy and enjoyable
"Picking between raspberry frozen yogurt and chocolate frozen yogurt was a certainly a joice" The decision was tough because either outcome was enjoyable.
by mysterymel December 04, 2013
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To be a person/object with no real mandate in society
'Theresa May is so joice'
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by Plastic B January 27, 2017
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