When you get chills listening to music (in particular, from John Williams, who is widely considered the greatest movie score composer of all time).
Forget the actual movie scene, this music is giving me an eargasm!
by Broke Vancouverite May 22, 2016
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A liquid produced after listening to something very pleasing to you.
That new song from East Torino made me bust out so much eargasmic fluid yesterday! So much in fact, that both of my shoulders were completely soaked!
by Donavan Dutra April 27, 2010
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When your ear itches deep down inside, and the only way to make it stop is to plunge your finger into it and make a rattling motion, as if trying to scratch the itch. Upon doing this, the relief one feels is so intense and pleasurable, it can easily be compared to an orgasm, and some may even say it is difficult to stop digging at the itch once you start, so you are left fingering your ear like an idiot with your eyes rolling back in your head as if you are actually having an orgasm. Thus the term, Eargasm.
John found it hard to resist when his ear suddenly started itching in the doctor's office, and he soon found himself having an eargasm in front of the entire waiting room.
by Whiskey Drinker Me January 05, 2010
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1. The intense pleasure derived from picking/scratching at the itchy inside of one's ear. The itch is usually caused by allergies.
2. a) The intense pleasure derived from hearing a musical piece or part of a musical piece, often the chorus of a popular song.

b) The musical piece or part of a musical piece that causes an eargasm.
1. I had a 5-minute eargasm scratching my ear canal with a mechanical pencil.
2. The chorus of many a Beatles' song is full of eargasms.
by _JL May 20, 2009
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Noun: The sensation one feels when listening to absolutely amazing music.
Verb: To listen to such great music or voice that one feels the need to have sex with that said song or voice.
No one is sure where the term "eargasm" came from, but it probably happened when someone was writing a blog that was talking about their favorite song, band, or voice and realized that they always felt horny when listening to that said song, band, or voice.
Sandy: Oh my gosh, Jane, I was watching Repo! The Genetic Opera last night and I listened to Zydrate Anatomy and it gave me a huge eargasm!
Jane: I know, that really deep, sexy voice of the Graverobber makes me wanna fuck his voice so bad!
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noun. The awesome sensation felt when listening to REALLY good music with REALLY nice headphones.
"Broseph, I was listening to "Stop the Dams" by Gorrillaz on my beats pro yesterday, it was (or "I had") an epic eargasm.
by ItsBurritoMonkey January 23, 2012
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What you feel when you hear something that sounds really good to you. An Orgasm for the ears, mainly when listening to a good song.
When I heard the new single from my favorite band, it was like an instant eargasm.
by Mary E. Juana November 24, 2009
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