A forum full of children who either can not comprehend that they are talking on the forum of a thief, or knows this but pretends it is a joke, often telling people not to take it so seriously, and that they should enjoy the fact that eric bauman is stealing theyre work, despite the fact that the owner takes it so seriously as to filter websites they steal from.
poster who wants his video taken off: I would like to request that you take off my video Example taken off

frequent visitor of eBaums World Forums: its a shitty video, you should be glad he's making money off of your stuff, why dont you e-mail him so that in 3 months you might get a response, lololol I am going to pretend E-baums is mature and the victims are n00bs
by infer August 14, 2006
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A useless web forum full of inane children who post pictures of their scrotums and are unable to comprehend that they spend all their time on a website belonging to a known thief.
"I'll just leave you with another picture of my balls"
-Ray, member of eBaums World Forums
by FurtivePuck January 12, 2006
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The worst forums on the web. Filled with emos with no life who worship Eric Bauman and will spam you if you say anything negitive about eBaumsworld. Also referred to dumbass
eBaums World Forums:

eBaum fanboy: This is the greatest website ever!

User: Its a good website but I like Newgrounds more.

eBaum fanboy: NO ITZ NOT!!! EBAUMS IZ T3 B3$7!!! NEWGROUNDS SUX AZZ!!!!

Admin: Thats a good lacky.
(Admin bans you peminently for no reason whatsoever.)
by Ezgamer January 6, 2006
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A forum that some people from other forums take entirely too seriously. It's an online community where people share humorous jokes, photos, videos and their scrotums. Scrota? Scroti? Either way, it's not as bad as those whose sole goal in life is to bring it down since they've learned trying to date is futile, would like you to believe.
Check out this funny video I saw on eBaums World Forums.
by kevinsmith June 24, 2006
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The best place ever full of magical unicorns and rainbows. Most people go there so they can bask in the glory of a member by the name of Evil Joe. His teachings have helped many a people discover their true meanings and he is awesome and stuff. Back in 2010, he destroyed 4chan and YTMND by redirecting some terrorist planes that were trying to fly into the Statue of Liberty so they flew into the 4chan and YTMND headquarters. And in 1985, Evil Joe went back in time with Christopher Lloydd and impregnated the Virgin Mary chick. When Evil Joe was in the Olympics skating for the gold, he did two Sow Cows and a triple Lutz while wearing a blindfold. When Evil Joe was in the Alps fighting grizzly bears, he used his magical fire breath and saved the maidens fair. When Evil Joe traveled through time to the year 3010, he fought the evil robot kind and saved the human race again. And when Evil Joe built the pyramids, he beat up Kubla Khan, because Evil Joe doesn't take shit from anybody.

So in conclusion, eBaums World Forums are the best thing ever besides Evil Joe who is extremely handsome and has a large penis. Seriously. I've got pics to prove it.
"I joined eBaums World Forums because Evil Joe is fucking awesome!"
"Hell yeah, Negro! Let's go sodomize eachother while I finish eating this corndog!"
"lol fag!"
by Not Evil Joe August 31, 2007
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Fourm were only the most intelligent beings (even smarter then mensa)converse. They also pity the users of YTMND and Albino Blacksheeps intelligence.


eBaums World Forums member: I reject your hypothesis and substitute my own.
by inrecop June 24, 2006
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A kick ass forum full of very creative,intelligent individuals.
I was at eBaums World Forums, and learned something about photoshop and politics today.
by notdeadyet April 30, 2005
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