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The hub of countless flash videos, random images and text files, and hilarious chat logs.
I love albinoblacksheep. It makes my pants like a tent.
by Roar June 15, 2003
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A flash and video submission site. It has games, videos, flash, images, text files, forum and a chat. Alot smaller then newgrounds and their files are submited through the forum rather then a portal as on NG. More appropiate for teens then NG with less sexual content.
by Sami Yamamoto May 24, 2005
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Someone who differs from the rest of their family by being relatively normal. The other members may be wild partiers or mentally unstable or anything else with a generally negative connotation while the Albino Black Sheep is tame/sane.
Bert: Yo, I had a foursome last night with the triplets Becca, Betty, and Bernice. Should I go for their sister Brittany tonight?

Bob: Nah dude, she's an Albino Black Sheep, she's not as easy as her sisters.
by Ebaum S World May 15, 2011
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An website filled with internet entertainment (mainly popular flash, short videos and games) for those times when you're bored, procrastinating or everyone's asleep on your AIM/MSN buddy lists.
I spend a lot of time on albinoblacksheep to waste my hours away.
by Amantis April 04, 2005
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An amazing community of testosterone filled nerds, the main element of which is the site, which generally displays flash animations. Attached to the community is an IRC channel and Forum.
I found out that Ducks Live on the Moon on albinoblacksheep.
by Pursey October 07, 2004
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