an e-mail message sent by a male to another male(s)that has homosexual undertones, either intended or not.
- Chris constantly sent out e-males to his buddies, yet he has still not come out of the closet in person.

- Dude, that was an e-male!
by Timmy PE January 4, 2005
A male that would otherwise would have barely passed the grade, having only achieved an e, but is virtually indispensable online.
This is the e-male I was hoping for.
by Hercolena Oliver May 5, 2008
Nude photos of yourself ( if your male )
Nude male photos

...sent, recieved, downloaded or uploaded on to or from the internet
guy " did you get my E - Male ?"
girl " Oh YA! "
by Tygeromie February 2, 2007
An award created to offically alert the rest of the world of chronic e-malers. Can be given to anyone at anytime before 3:30pm, but only one per day.
Chris is hands down the biggest e-Maler of the century. He should just admit he's gay already!
by Jake and the Fat Man January 6, 2005