one who is an online-slut.
could he be any more of an e-ho? he talks to too many slutty girls online behind his girlfriend's back.
by shizzelby August 1, 2004 internet predator, hunting for the sole purpose of securing and capturing unsuspecting prey for one night stands of a sexual nature
2.person who casts a wide net on internet dating sites in hopes of bagging foolish or inexperienced lonely people to "love" and leave
3.person who repeatedly falls for the hunters and anglers in definitions 1 and 2
My friend has become an e-ho by believing everything she hears from some guy on the internet.
I met this e-ho on line and he darn near got me before I realized he was just a player.
by Debbie Barnes March 20, 2008
An e-ho is the youngest employee at a tech firm, the "lowest on the totem pole" so to speak. The e-ho gets the worst, most soul-destroying repetitive tasks and is generally treated like crap and insulted often.
That guy we hired last week is totally going to be our new e-ho!

Phew! I am so glad they hired that new guy... now I am not the e-ho anymore.
by Kevin Lynch January 20, 2004
Oh man, did you see that girl get naked on that website last night? That girl was such an e(-)ho.
by thatmetalkid July 27, 2009
East Hollywood. That's Hollywood, east of the 101. Includes Hel Mel and Little Armenia and a whole lot of Scientology weirdos. Not as hipster Silverlake. Not snooty like Los Feliz.
You gotta either be poor or eccentric to wanna live in E-Ho. Me? I'm both of those things.
by Snarkmonger August 3, 2011
one girl/guy doesnt matter who appears in numerous music videos of any genre....

Person 1: Yo did you see that girl with that ass?

Person 2: Yeah shes in the new Luda video too....

Person 1: really?

Person 2: yeah she's a real vid-e-ho
by PimpJ July 20, 2006
A small town girl who has sex with everyone. Most often found in southern areas and will have a thick country accent.The town slut.
girl 1:
"Here comes Stacey.She's, like, E I EI HO!"

girl 2:
"I know, right?!"
by novinah October 25, 2009