an electronic retard, someone who does not understand electronics. Mostly associated with computers and the internet.
"you cant work IE?... gosh your such an e-tard"
by michael chernucha November 8, 2005
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A person who takes E on a regular basis untill the music in there head plays 24 /7 .
my friend Giancarlo cannot hear me because he is a E TAed
by Cal Van Clutch November 25, 2003
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(Verb Form)Derived from the word retard.
Describes a person or group of persons that are either completely computer illiterate or are having a "blond moment" while doing something computer or (E)electronics related.
(IT work)
Chris: Susy's computer was "destroyed" again..haha
Frank: What was wrong with it?
Chris: The power strip was turned off!!!
Frank: HAHA..she is so E-Tarded

(On PC)
I accidentally printed 300 black copies instead of color...I had an E-Tarded moment
by Christopher Otte December 16, 2007
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A person that speaks "l337" or some other degenerative computer language that may or may not use "rAndOm CApItALIzAtION".
l337Hax0r is an e-tard.
by Gimp Lick June 1, 2004
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incapable of using email, ebay, etrade or anything having to do with the computer
My friend Doug is totally e-tarded
by Naruto the Negro August 29, 2008
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Person under the influence of ecstasy, especially when being overly flirtatious.
Guy 1: Oh man, that girl last night was HOT!

Guy 2: Yeah, she was kissing and loving all over me!

Guy 1: I wonder if she really liked you or if she was an e-tard?
by Bearmike March 6, 2008
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Characterized by delays or abnormal functioning noticeable before the internet maturity age (approximately three years old) in one or more of the following domains: (1) social media interaction; (2) communication on Facebook and twitter; and (3) restricted, repetitive, and stereotyped patterns of behavior, interests, and activities on social networks. Notably unnecessary posting and tagging and excessive e-PDA.
"Who's the e-tard who left the milk out?"
"Billy from down the street is an e-tard."
"What an e-tard!"
by 9632586412 April 10, 2012
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