A person who is significantly behind the technology curve.
"My Mom is trying to make a Facebook account but I'm not worried, she's an e-tard."
by Skyfood January 20, 2010
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One who is not yet schooled in the ways of electronic mail, or e-mail as some say. Said individual may not know how to forward an e-mail, attach a file to an e-mail, or add recipients to an e-mail. In extreme cases, the e-tard may not even have an e-mail account.
-Should i forward this link to Will?
-Don't bother, he's a total e-tard. He probably won't even be able to open it.
by Bum Stigity Bum February 17, 2011
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That kid from the e-school? What an e-tard.
by Anonymous October 26, 2003
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one who lacks intelligence and attention to their environment due to copious amounts of time spent using technological devices (ex: iPods, cell phones, etc)
My lab partners are such e-tards, they text during the whole class and then come to me when they miss the directions.
by Juniperpeach October 20, 2010
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to fail at using the internet, whether in forums or browsing through perverted images of the blue waffle with your male friends
Nerd 1: LMAO, YH, TBH E=MC2... LOL

E-tard: FORL

Nerd 2: FORL... Flooring On The Roll Laughing... Hehe, what an e-tard.
by Handicapped Pigg March 14, 2010
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One who is afflicted by an addiction to ecstasy/MDMA
That **** is just a silly e-tard
by Lamour April 15, 2008
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One who believes they are like Superman while on Ecstasy
+Takes glow sticks from a nother person+
Runs away yelling "Super E-Tard to the rescue....I win"
by Star_Baby<3 August 4, 2006
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