One who is not yet schooled in the ways of electronic mail, or e-mail as some say. Said individual may not know how to forward an e-mail, attach a file to an e-mail, or add recipients to an e-mail. In extreme cases, the e-tard may not even have an e-mail account.
-Should i forward this link to Will?
-Don't bother, he's a total e-tard. He probably won't even be able to open it.
by Bum Stigity Bum February 17, 2011
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That kid from the e-school? What an e-tard.
by Anonymous October 26, 2003
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one who lacks intelligence and attention to their environment due to copious amounts of time spent using technological devices (ex: iPods, cell phones, etc)
My lab partners are such e-tards, they text during the whole class and then come to me when they miss the directions.
by Juniperpeach October 20, 2010
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to fail at using the internet, whether in forums or browsing through perverted images of the blue waffle with your male friends
Nerd 1: LMAO, YH, TBH E=MC2... LOL

E-tard: FORL

Nerd 2: FORL... Flooring On The Roll Laughing... Hehe, what an e-tard.
by Handicapped Pigg March 14, 2010
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One who is afflicted by an addiction to ecstasy/MDMA
That **** is just a silly e-tard
by Lamour April 15, 2008
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One who believes they are like Superman while on Ecstasy
+Takes glow sticks from a nother person+
Runs away yelling "Super E-Tard to the rescue....I win"
by Star_Baby<3 August 4, 2006
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Someone who cannot figure out the most basic functions of an electronic device.
The e-tard was trying to figure out why his television would not turn on and called me to go trouble shoot it, only for me to discover that he never plugged it in.
by The Ferndog August 8, 2008
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