3 definitions by Miss LayDee

1. A term most often used when declaring war.
2. A term used when Something is about to happen.
1. De'Andre: I heard you was talkin bout me...
Leroy: Yeah, I was...You aint gone do nothin bout, so....
De'Andre: Oh I aint...?! Okay...Its On!!

2. Keisha: You goin to the E-40 concert?
Wanda: Yeah girl, Its On and poppin!!!
by Miss LayDee June 20, 2006
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A term used to decribe laughter or something extremely funny.
Derrick: Did you see what happened to Marcus last night?
Jermaine: Hell yeah dog, that mess was so funny it had me Rollin!
The comedy show was poppin last night, I was rollin the whole time!
by Miss LayDee June 20, 2006
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Often used as an over exaggeration of a situation.
That boy is so funny he had me Dying (DYIN')!
Man that class was so boring I was Dying (DYIN') up in there....I thought it would never end!!!
I had to wait so long I was Dying (DYIN')!
by Miss LayDee June 20, 2006
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