Do Not Want. Used when someone does not want/want to see something.
by rooftopsx August 16, 2007
marijuana. weed. pot. an illegal drug grown in a shady backrooms and chemical-bombarded mexican fields.
stoner: hey girl, want to flame up?
girl: I've never smoked before.
stoner: come on, we're at a keller williams concert. Everybody does it.
girl: my parents told me not to smoke dnw.
stoner: don't call it that. it's a gift from the earth. that means it's safe.
girl: arsenic and botulism come from the earth, are they safe?
stoner: whaaaat man?
by aDUBll July 29, 2005
yo homie i bought sum dnw, lets smoke it n get hi
by snap2it July 24, 2005
instead of getting drunk, the poor kids smoke dnw
by ampedUP July 26, 2005
Damn Nigga Wow. An expression of utter disbelief or amazement.
by wooozah November 19, 2009