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Someone who has recently been dumped, that cannot get over their past relationship.
"Hey Tom, you hear about what happened to Fred and Jessica?"

"Yeah, what a dumpweed"
by Timmytwotoes July 31, 2005
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In Hawaii it's the worst weed you can get, still, it's better than the schwag you get on the mainland. It's not in nug form, but still is green with some hairs, never any trichomes though.
dump weed
by ruff_ridah347 September 15, 2010
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Someone who speaks their mind continuously using various forms of social media such as blogs, facebook statuses, etc usually egotistical in nature, yet struggles with a lot of personal problems in which nobody understands, you either love them or hate them, either way they are good at the attention of many. Although you may dislike a Dumpweed, you will have a secret love for them and the way they word their thoughts, there's something about a Dumpweed that's pretty bad-ass
"Hey did you see what the Dumpweed had to say on her latest post?"
"Oh yeah, man those Dumpweeds are always starting drama, so annoying, but reading it is a guilty pleasure"
by Dumpweed September 13, 2011
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A person of low intelligence who cuts people off in traffic. Most of these individuals are very high on drugs
Yesterday some dumpweed cut me off on my way to Walmart
by Wordsmith 89 October 13, 2018
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