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Someone that you can pull/move to. A girl that’s easy to approach.
She actually looks bare stringy you know.
by D2trappu February 26, 2021
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Having wrinkled clothing
Boy you looking stringy

Damn that ass looks stringy
by Gears assassin April 22, 2015
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by BigPenisMan666 February 22, 2019
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Common: A very poor online games player, particularly Enemy Territory.

Occasional: Incompetent Information Technology Customer Service Representative. Spends all day chatting on IRC and setting up home websites via SSH.
Invariably fails to install software correctly, then spends 4 hours on IRC discussing why with knowledgeable 'friends'. Goes home and forgets instructions, fails to re-install software correctly.
stringy: How do install this programme again?
you: What files have you got?
stringy: Just one, called install.exe
you: God you are such a stringy
by Court Jester January 9, 2004
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see n00b, newbie, asshat or assclown
Stringy is such a n00b/newbie/asshat/assclown
by stotteh January 10, 2004
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n. A Violin.

As used in the Strangers With Candy episode when Jerri Blank (played by Amy Sedaris) becomes a violin prodigy.
Jerri (Amy Sedaris) discovers she has a previously unknown talent in this episode of the off-color Comedy Central series. Kicked out of the Flatpoint High orchestra by Mr. Jellineck (Paul Dinello) for pounding on the timpani and refusing to follow directions, a distressed Jerri remains behind after class and begins experimenting with the various instruments. Eavesdropping on the horrible sounds coming from the orchestra room, Mr. Noblot (Stephen Colbert) is stunned when Jerri picks up the violin and starts playing beautifully. Soon taking her under his wing and forcing her to practice tirelessly, Mr. Noblot isolates Jerri from her friends and peers in order to vicariously experience the success that eluded him as a child. Distressed by the scratches on Jerri's hands from attempting to groom the family cat, Mr. Noblot brings Jerri to live with him so that she may focus entirely on her practicing. With Mr. Noblot's newfound obsession driving a wedge between him and Mr. Jellineck, and the disapproval of Jerri's father adding to the negative impact that practicing has had on her social life, Jerri decides to give up the "stringy paddle" (her name for the violin) the very night of the Tri-County Music Championship. ~ Jason Buchanan, All Movie Guide
by smudgetool September 9, 2006
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