A BDSM lifestyle term for an idiot that considers him or herself to be a Dominant of submissives and slaves in the lifestyle.
Wow! That guy is a dumbinant if he thinks he can tell my Dominant's submissives what to do without seeking his permission.

Any idiot that thinks he can make me submit just because he thinks he is a Dominant is really a dumbinant and a jerk
by justinSayner January 5, 2009
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(noun) Male or Female: A wannabe Dominant in the BDSM world, easily identified and laughed at by experienced lifestylers.
A Dumbinant will pretend to know everything. A Dumbinant never takes advice. A Dumbinant thinks that dressing in leather and carrying a flogger confers automatic dominant status toward anyone who identifies as a submissive.
by YourToyBox January 6, 2009
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Verb, to dumbinate.

The act of purposely acting dumber or more ignorant than the other person they are having a conversation/discussion with.
He did dumbinate the conversation though by stating WWII never happened and there never was a Holocaust.
by Paarse Frikandel June 7, 2011
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What you call that one friend named Damon that’s a little slower than the rest of the group.
Evan: hey Damon we’re going to the bar
Damon: should I bring my ID?
Everyone: *Sigh* dumbin
by Evan and Kaliko May 8, 2019
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Chillen, coolin, relaxin, laxin, hanging out, melting.
I was dumbin on the couch all day. I didn't even feel like gettin up to piss!
by FreshPrince603 February 22, 2012
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a cross between dumb and infinity
I know americans are stupid, but even they would boggle at the sheer dumbinity hymartin displays
by wotmate October 27, 2008
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chilling, cooling out, hanging out, relaxin, laxin.
"What you doin?"
"We just dumbin out"
by FreshPrince603 February 22, 2012
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