a fabulous game involving cube like things and an hour glass and a plastic grid. the point is to find words. i often find fine words such as tie.
"yesterday i was killed by an animatronic banana; it pelted my cerebellum with boggle letter cubes"
by irene fitzgerald January 2, 2006
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vomit, puke, throw-up, toss your cookies, blah!
verb meaning to vomit
watch out or nicole will boggle all over your new shirt!
by orange juice February 19, 2004
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to fuck; to have intercourse with.
I'm going to invite her over and then boggle the hell out of her!
by MadDog27 June 16, 2008
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A word you say when you want to keep a conversation going with your crush over text
Crush : what do u want to talk about?
Me: I don’t know

... left on read 12:34

... 12:35

Me: boggle
by Biggle May 24, 2019
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to have ear sex: sticking your dick in someone's ear.
by kactus November 12, 2008
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