a person who is dumb. this can be a word used for a joke. if some take it as offensive then they are a fucking dumbass.
"bruh you're such a dumbass"- both start laughing
by just a bad b*tch <3. October 17, 2020
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A complete idiot that lacks the intelligence to know what the word dumbass means
If you can't figure out what the word dumbass means then take a look at what you're searching and then you'll find out what dumbass means You dumbass
by ಠ_ರೃ 1997 September 22, 2018
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Some guy who forgot to turn off his screenshare during a Zoom meeting.
Example: "Kevin is a dumbass. He kept his Zoom screenshare on and leaked his Discord messages filled Swastikas. Now, his class knows he's two type of person"
by SnowlockHolmes March 12, 2021
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An insanely dumb and annoying person who knows it but continues with the dumb shit they do!
Kim: “She’s such a dumbass!”
Taylor: “I know right?!”
by Cosmora July 29, 2018
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You. And also the expression of of a person who is often seen as dumb (hence the name) or stupid.
Becky: What’s 2+2?
Taylor: 5 Dumbass.
by WhereIsTheSpaceBar July 15, 2019
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