anyone who voted for obama because he is black
If you voted for obama just because he's black, you are such a damn dumbass that you need to go kill yourself
by homeschool1991 March 1, 2009
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an idiot, shitass, or someone who makes a tag for a video, definition etc that has nothing to do with the content, or they make a shitty video and they write for instance "bleach 99 100 101 102 103 104 105 106" etc
by byakoenma August 25, 2007
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people who worry to much about things
chill out man, you're not going to care about it when you're 6 feet under
by coldaddy August 28, 2003
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1)someone who constantly doesn't listen to his family/friends dispite them being right 100% of the time

2)anyone who gets dumped 3 times a week by 3 different dates every single week

3)a person who lies about having 4.0 avg in high school yet still works a barely above minimum wage job at a retail store

4) See Craig
Craig is such a dumbass and a liar to boot.
by bungholio_portfolio April 13, 2009
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n. a species of human with low intelligence
Harsh is one of the last remaining dumbasses.
by Anonymous December 5, 2002
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