1. A person of ignorance or arrogance
2. The KKK
3. A person who thinks they know something and refuses to accept the truth of their knowledge
by Legato Bluesummers November 5, 2003
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a person who acts like a morron and makes people laugh and does not realise that the people r laughing at them not with them
by roya January 27, 2004
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A kid with a mullet or that are just so fucking stupid that they cant think for themselves and they give into the saying "do it it your cool"
Ryan your mullet was moving so much that you looked like a fucking dumbass
by Nick Mariano March 23, 2007
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An offensive term used by kids and many young adults. People use it when they see someone mess up or when they do something stupid. I personally hate that word along with retard.
tim: Tony failed the math test.
bob: what a dumbass.
by kevin1009 July 28, 2007
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Something people call me just because i have a Low IQ. i take this term seriously and i dont think its funny. It's another word for a stupid person or someone who is no good at anything. Its an insult.
I was in special ed. Some kids call me dumbass but I just have a low IQ.
by Michael Rehmeyer November 26, 2007
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see george w bush

A person who lacks intelligence
a moron, once again see george bush
by n333m November 13, 2004
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