1. One who makes extremly poor decisions usually ending with sever punishment.
2. One with Severe lack of judgement in any field, and under any circumstance
by MXG 52 April 19, 2006
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Anybody that puts any information about themselves or anybody they know on UrbanDictionary.com that nobody cares about or will ever take the time out of their day to look up. These people have way to much spare time and basically polluting a great website.
I take time out of my day to edit good definitions, NOT A BUNCH OF BULLSHIT SOMEBODY WILL NEVER READ! I HATE DUMBASSES!
by .....Unknown..... March 04, 2009
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stupid people doing stupid things and/or saying stupid shit.
Person #1 :Eh yo, eggs are that dairy pro-duct right? So Cows must make eggs.

Person #2: Dude, thanks some deep shit.

Person #3: Oh Jesus, you guys are dumbasses.

-actual quote from someone i knew.
by u2ez BlackOps April 14, 2010
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Someone who somehow gets a lot of girls but is stupid as fuck. A dumbass is someone who usually plays hookie, skips school, doesn't pay attention in class. The funny thing about dumbasses is that they think there cool because every one is laughing, but the truth is every one is laughing AT them not with him.
Classmate: Wow Mike do you know anything?

Dumbass: *Laughs*

Classmate: Seriously...
by Sevenfold4life May 20, 2008
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1. A person of ignorance or arrogance
2. The KKK
3. A person who thinks they know something and refuses to accept the truth of their knowledge
by Legato Bluesummers November 04, 2003
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