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German for: Master of Dudes

source: the t.v show Scrubs
Elliot: Keith is great, the only problem is his last name is... Dude Meister

Jordan: That doesnt even sound real

Elliot: Well its actually german, dudemeister, it means master of dudes
by Colt45Joe April 17, 2006
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Western European slang word for any variation of White Russian cocktails. Commonly used amongst students.

In reference to the Dude from the Movie The Big Lebowski,
who is often seen mixing a sloppy White Russian.

Essential ingrediences are:
- any dairy-based liquid
- some sort of coffee
- vodka or comparable
A: Yo, what you got to drink?
B: Meh, I only got like instant espresso, some mouldy milk and a half empty bottle of vodka...
A: That makes a perfect Dudemeister!
by Sloppydude August 03, 2011
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Someone that is a very cool, fashionable,

rad flowerchild.
They look a bit like the Jonas Brothers.
-vernacular originated from Germany.
Ello, dudemeister? Whats hizzapnin?!
by Sparkle Jones January 11, 2011
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