A person that acts like a idiot.
Major: I got a 50 on the easiest test of the year
Jason: Your a duck
Major: Quack
by Apartment2707 April 08, 2011
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1. n. : An insufferable female sub-human often found with a swaggot. These obnoxious females are often very cruel to others, loud, think they're prettier than they actually are. The name duck comes from the usage of duck-face. Also see "popular kids".
2. n. : a shortened version of dumb-fuck.
3. n. : A water fowl that is known for the 'quack' sound.
A: "How much more of a bitch could she be?"
B: "What'd you expect? She's a total duck."

A: "I wonder what Obama's last name is. I don't think I've heard it before."
B: "Duck."

"Have you ever gone down to the park by the lake to feed the ducks?"
by Yolocaust Anonymous July 30, 2013
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You should've learned what it was in kindergarten stupid. It's one of those birds, but it doesn't have a cool nickname that makes us 5 year-olds giggle like chickens do (cock). Drake got his name from the name for guy ducks because his rapping/singing-ish sounds like a ducks irritating quack. You feel me, bro?
"I just saw a duck in a pond," exclaimed Tired Timmy.
"Great for you," said Jolly John.
via giphy
by Where the frogs February 26, 2017
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what happens when you type fuck and your dumb smart phone thinks you meant duck and you get screwed over
Guy: Hey wanna duck?
Girl: No I already have chickens and hate them.
Guy: *shit now what am I gonna do I wanna get laid but now she thinks I'm trying to do nice things* Uh haha oh well and my phone auto corrected it to duck... I meant to say do you wanna fuck
Girl: go duck yourself you perverted duck
by noreligionneeded March 06, 2015
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