The way to protect yourself from everything from nuclear attacks to volcano explosions in the mid 20th century.
:Oh my God the soviets are attacking!!!
:Have no fear, just duck and cover.
(Boom, boom)
:Wow, thanks.
:Wanna go to the malt shop?...
by this is retarded April 5, 2006
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a sex position that involves a man ducking under a woman's legs and covering his head by inserting it gently into a woman's vagina for a period of time
i became dizzy after i performed a duck and cover on my girl last night
by gayqui June 10, 2006
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Original: Official 1951 United States civil defense film, Duck and Cover. Intended primarily for children, it portrays the act of ducking and covering by the character Bert the Turtle. The concept of "duck and cover" is a method of personal protection against the effects of a nuclear explosion whereby persons near the would-be affected area would drop to the ground in a prone position or seek shelter and protection under such objects as desks or other pieces of furniture, or in structures such as buildings or fallout shelters.

Slang: To be evasive or deceptive in one's behavior.
As the police continued to question the suspect about the events leading up to the crime, it was clear he knew more than he was telling. He immediately went duck and cover and refused to cooperate.
by Who 'Dis? Who 'Dat? March 12, 2018
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An excessively risky sexual maneuver performed between a man and women or, alternatively, a man and man whilst operating a motor vehicle. In a role reversal of the classic 'road head' the vehicles operator 'ducks' into the passengers lap to perform felatio whilst the passenger 'covers' (ie; takes control of the steering mechanism) until climax and/or satisfaction has been reached.
John's taste for adventure and living life on the edge was, in the end, his ultimate undoing as he was receiving a 'duck and cover' when his vehicle drifted into oncoming traffic.
by joeleonotron March 11, 2012
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Bases covered + ducks in a row = having our ducks covered.

It is obivous you are a metophore scrambler
When working on many things it is important to have your ducks covered.
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