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Beautiful City located in the United Arab Emirates on the Persian Gulf. Currently, they have the world's largest indoor ski facility, third largest mall, some of the world's most beautiful architecture, tallest/best hotel on earth Burj al Arab hotel, and way more. Basically, the city went from desert to world city in 7 years, from 1999 to present day 2006. By 2008, they will have the world's largest: Theme park, tallest building (Burj Dubai), Mall. Also by 2008, they will have the world's only UNDERWATER hotel. In short, this city is amazing, regardless of the bias against the region.
I'm doing my Anthropology paper on the city of Dubai. There is nothing like it; it went from desert to world city in under 10 years!!
by W.C.'s own June 30, 2006
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A city on the tip of the United Arab Emirates in the Persian Gulf that's known for its incredible wealth, commerce, ever growing skyline and innovation. It’s a city where the rich feed off the poor, making them pawns to their growing wealth. It is the epitome of the rich getting richer and horting wealth, at the expense of the poor getting poorer. It makes me sick. The city has built thousands upon thousands of highrise condos—all for the rich. The city built an indoor snow skiing facility—for the rich. It has the world’s highest and richest hotel—for the rich. It has a manmade island in the shape of a palmtree that is populated by hundreds or thousands of condos—all for the rich. And it will soon have the world’s tallest building—for rich people. This is all at the expense of the American middle-class and poor having to pay $4/gallon for this garbage.
by August 08, 2008
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By far the illest city in the world. Amazing food, amazing women, and of course, the world's best architecture.
Don't believe me? Just visit the damn place.

Dubai is the trading centre of the Middle East, and is the most liberal Islamic city/emirate there is.
by TheEnlightened January 27, 2005
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The place where Indians, Pakistanis, Arabs, and Filipinos meet and breed, creating one race of Dubaiians!
Alex: Hey, Marty, what's that cool city in the UAE, again?
Marty: Dubai! Duh! It's where everyone mixes together!
by Italia Marzioli January 29, 2018
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A friggin rich city. Unlike any dumb people who say it's economy is based on oil, barely ANY of it is based on that. It's mostly real estate, private banking, and world trade.

Huge and crazy projects are being built, like the Burj Dubai. It will be 900 metres (3 times the Eiffel Tower) high.

"Let's go build a second Eiffel Tower, Pyramid, and Tower of London! In the desert! Hooray!" - dubai real estate.
by dubai_kid December 06, 2006
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a city which dumb idiots like the one above thinks is based on oil. the truth is, the oil sector makes up only around 6% of the DUBAI economy (2005). further diversification of the economy means that Dubai's oil sector will become an increasingly smaller contributor to the city's economy. an historical review of dubai shows that Dubai is, and always has been an important commercial and trading hub. dubai is also a city where racist people like the one above assume (maybe they were influenced by the evil guards in Disney's "Aladdin") that women are executed for being raped. The truth is that although drug traffickers can be faced with execution, execution is virtually never used as a punitive measure. Furthermore, the city has an extremely low crime rate unlike many American cities, where in spite of the so called "freedoms" women have, the raping and abuse of women is daily fare. Dubai is also a place where idiots like the one above characterize as being anti-semitic. this is also a deliberate attempt to misinform people as while the city is vehemently anti-zionist, it is in no way anti-semitic. anything less than tolerance and acceptance is not to be expected when one visits Dubai - a city where 85% of the population is made up of first generation immigrants from over 150 countries.
Dubai is the future.
by Alan Paige September 26, 2006
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