All the babe's are making a fuss over Noah and his new hair style...the "DT"
by Lynn Bell April 28, 2010
In the escort/service provider industry, DT is a commonly known as: Deep Throat. During felatio (blow job), deep throat is the act of taking the penis into the mouth as deep as you can go by attempting to bypass the gag reflex and into the throat
I was getting a blow job from this hot chic and man did she have some DT skills. I think I'm in love.
by Sexucator December 21, 2010
Downtown. A mostly central urban area where one can find many bars, restaurants, and entertainment establishments.
Yo, let's roll DT and get a buzz on.
by Ross Fargo December 7, 2006
Stands for don’t text :when it is by ur name on a social media
Dude Samantha put dt next to my name on Snapchat . She must not like me.
by Donc Voo December 11, 2019
Double team

Usually used in internet games such as Rumble Fighter.
Those two guys were dting the whole team
by robo6129 December 30, 2011
"down to summon"

Used to express a craving to play League of Legends, or to "get to the point" and quickly ask people if they want to play.
Bro #1 "Hey boys, im dts"
Bro #2 "Yeah John can't wait till he gets home, he is totally dts"
Bro #3 "I've been dts all day, let's do this"
by sourtuna October 23, 2011