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dt is editor slang standing for " dedicated to". It means the edit you made is dedicated to a specific person.
this edit is dt to
by BUBBLEGUMSODA February 03, 2019
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double tap

commonly used on instagram when referring to a to be honest or shoutout post
#dt #like
by groovaay December 28, 2013
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Deep throat. The ability to push a cock all the way down your throat and basically swallow it. Some girls gag, but overcome it. Other girls gag, but their partner helps them out a bit, usually by grabbing hold of her head and forcing their cock down her throat. Also know as throat fucking.
she gives okay head, I just wish she could dt me.
by nelgiri May 08, 2006
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Acronym for Detectives. Usually refering to detectives that stalk around town looking for criminals and criminal activities.
Yo there's a DT that moved in just a few blocks away so be careful what you do around here now.
by emoc December 22, 2004
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Delirium tremens is a disorder involving sudden and severe mental changes (psychosis) or neurologic changes (including seizures) caused by abruptly stopping the use of alcohol. Rapid pulse rate, elevated blood pressure, and temperature elevation also may be present.
Stay away from Mikey- He's got the DT's tonight.
by CJ October 29, 2003
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In the escort/service provider industry, DT is a commonly known as: Deep Throat. During felatio (blow job), deep throat is the act of taking the penis into the mouth as deep as you can go by attempting to bypass the gag reflex and into the throat
I was getting a blow job from this hot chic and man did she have some DT skills. I think I'm in love.
by Sexucator December 21, 2010
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Acronym for delerium tremors. Something that you can get when you are withdrawing from something such as alcohol, heroine, porn
Carlos got the D.T.s when they put him in rehab for his alcohoism
by mistahtom July 28, 2005
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