A online fighting game created by OGPlanet, where noobs cry "Wow edge noob", or complain about lag.

If you play you should fight me, KrazedKiD
OGPlanet Rumble Fighter
by KrazedKiD August 21, 2009
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1. A 2D fighting game where idiots constantly bitch about lag, poor conduct, black people, Asian people, rednecks and reminisce about the days of '07 when the game was good.

2. A place where the GMs don't do shit and can get away with things, since OGP loves their GMs and not their users.
Joe: Did you hear what the GMs on Rumble Fighter did?

Brian: Did you hear what the GMs DIDN'T do?
by Gr4sshole May 22, 2011
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Rumble Fighter is a 2d way for the slant eyes to put their hentia fuck fests into the minds of the mentally challenged(retards) in americans. A mixture of Mortal Kombat and Hello Kitty excape from the treehouse because it is so abnomally gay. A game that should be banned in the united states for getting 11 year old boy to molest their dogs. this game is so gay that their curse filter replaces 'Fuck' with 'Rasberries' and 'Mother Fucker' with 'Juice'.

Reccomendations: This game is for the closet homos that dont have the balls to tell enyone their erotic man on man fantisies cause their balls havent dropped yet.

For fags. like you.
Marcie: Do you play Rumble Fighter

Mark: Yeah baby, i got a 8 hit combo last night.

Marcie; awwww Mark, your gay
by cameoncrackers April 17, 2010
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The stupidest game that came from a good place.
How can people even stand to play this?
It gets over a million (about 6) updates a week and it never gets new content.
Oh! Whats that? It does?
Oh, never mind that's just shity clothes and accessories for the kids who steal there mommy and daddies money just to buy useless astros.

They never get new stages and they hardly ever make new classes, you can't buy anything bigger than 3 pixels without using precious money to buy 2 extra pixels. YOU HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO INCENTIVE TO LEVEL UP SO WHY THE HELL DO YOU EVEN PLAY THIS GAME OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN?
I know why.
You don't have a life.

This game probably ruins children's grades and makes people homeless.
Really, no other game could be as pointless as this one.
Rumble Fighter made my brother/sister homeless.
Oh, never mind. Only guys (closet homos) play this game ( to try to seem like they love fighting so they can hide their closet homoiness) .
by That one guy who cares July 30, 2011
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