A basic combination of the word "drunk" and "uncle". Can be used in terms of describing one's inebriated relative. Such male relatives are best known for their high demands for Chivas on the rocks or perhaps Johnny Walker Black at most family functions. To be light in the liquor department would be a poor choice, for a wild night is in the cards when one's Drunkle rolls through town.
Glenn: "I think Ron's wedding is going to be pretty dull. The open bar is only serving wine and beer."

Dylan:" Why would that make it dull?"

Glenn: " Well, my druncle Al is going to be there and he can do a double scotch dirty. I'm sure he'll be regular riot when he hears about this open bar bullshit."
by evepeabody August 29, 2012
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It was a poor decision to have an open bar at the wedding, given that the druncles would be in attendance.
by JCROCKS July 30, 2008
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The uncle or uncles that always show up at family get togethers, holidays, weddings, birthdays and so on. They then proceed to get hammered and make asses of themselves by many and any means possible while the family makes excuses.
Yeah that's my druncle. At my sisters birthday he was so hammered he staggered and put his hand right through her birthday cake. He lit himself on fire once at the family Fourth of July B-B-Q!
by barondirksterbarondirk August 5, 2016
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Your uncle that gets drunk at every special occasion . Every family has one.
"Who's that guy making a fool of himself on the dance floor? "
"Oh that's my Druncle, he makes a fool of himself at all our get togethers."
by Dylandrick June 5, 2016
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Quite literally, that Uncle who is always drunk. This Uncle is frequently jolly and wears a large goofy smile essentially all the time. Often, an under-the-influence member of the extended family brings with him/her a negative context, but, a Druncle is always wholeheartedly pleasant and full of hilarity. Think Santa Claus
Heyyyy!!!! Its your good old Druncle!!!!!!
by dfh12345678910 May 9, 2011
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