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those guys in the back that have what may be the hardest job but get little/no recognition along with the bassist while the guitarists and lead singers take all the credit
1) Drummers are People too
2) Buddy Rich, Tre Cool, and Tommy Aldridge should rule that world
3) Dude1: Who the fuck is the drummer for that band
Dude2: Who fucking cares
by Chode Master God November 22, 2004

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When somebody (male or female, usually a male) defecates on their partners chest, usually in an act of sexual pleasure.

A popular follow-up is then giving a chili dog
Gregg and Tanya were looking to expand their sexual boundaries. A skatjob was just what they needed to put a spark back into their relationship.
by Chode Master God October 10, 2005

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Same as mexican avalanche, but instead throwing your bitch down a flight of stairs you throw her down an escalator going up. Note: due to the fact shes falling down an UP escalator, she may never come back
we were really horny, and in the mall, so i decided to give my bitch an american avlanche. fuck that slut, she never got off the fucking thing
by Chode Master God November 24, 2004

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Same as a mexican avalanche, except instead of cumming in your bitches hair you piss in it.
i gave her so many mexican avalanches i had no more cum, so i gave her a mexican river. That slut didn't even realize!
by Chode Master God November 24, 2004

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To teabag a member of the same sex. Sometimes confused with Yangle-Duffing, when horny 9-year olds rape hillary duff.
Me and Sean totally yangle-durfed all last night. I can't get the taste out of my mouth...
by Chode Master God August 03, 2006

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guy in the witness protection program and the KKK
Witness Protection?
damn, must be kkkamero*
by Chode Master God November 16, 2004

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similar to a mexican avalanche, except that instead of throwing your woman down a flight of stairs you throw her off a balcony
My bitch gets aroused and bruised when i give her a puerto rican avalanche
by Chode Master God November 18, 2004

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