Meaning the person is tired of living and wants to commit suicide
girl 1 "i cant..."
girl 2 "U CANT WHAT? Talk To Me"
girl 1 "#I can't do this anymore"
girl 1 kills herself
by EMOKID2020 December 17, 2020
The thing your friend says when he obviously lost the argument
Lucas Dude Cmon it's obvious.
Munir I can't do this with you right now.
by Fogabolt October 11, 2019
a quote from the legend himself, simon.b.k. He was having an epic beatbox battle with a pal, when suddenly he was faced with a challenge to for even the legend, the idol, a man of much respect and honor. He.... *cries in shame* could in fact not do the waterdrop sound effect :(
by sara779j May 10, 2020