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The hardest working, yet, most under-appreciated people in a marching band. They take of things that no one even knows about, as to not stress people out.
They work very hard for their positions.
Almost the entire band thinks that drum majors are "power happy."

Drum Major: I'm so glad we were able to find more drum sticks before the director found out and punished everyone ...
Guys, please go put your uniforms away before going home!

Band Member: Why don't they do it themselves?!
Band Member 2: The power has gone to their head.
by catieisrad February 22, 2009

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Another word for truth.
Everyone likes to act like it's a bad thing, so they can tell you not to speak truth.
Sometimes, they are incorrect, but 99% of the time, it's exactly what you think.
Catie: That cheerleader is so dumb.
Stranger: Stop stereotyping cheerleaders! They are the same as everyone else- they are just as smart, too. I bet you wouldn't like a stereotype on you because you said that.
Catie: Um ... yeah. Well, she just messed up her ABC's. And if stereotyping her as dumb means stereotyping me as smart, I am definitely alright with that.
by catieisrad March 20, 2009

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