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Drop means dirty role play ~ sex and stuff
*licks his neck* you like that huh?

E.g on a fan acc you can drp with other people
by Molski04gg October 16, 2017
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DRP (Pronounce D-err-p): The Durham Regional Police Department that annoys the shit out of the non straight-edge citizens of Durham. They may sometimes appear nice, but one must remember that they are actually a private company and not a community police force. Money grabbing assholes! The DRP do not know of their new nickname ;P
*Upon seeing a DRP*
Me: Fuckin' DRP!
DRP1: Wtf?
*DRP1 goes to it's station, confused*
DRP1: Hey, something wierd happened today.
DRP2: What happened?
DRP1: I passed by some kid and he started shouting durp!
DRP2: That's trippy shit man, here, have a hit off this blunt I confiscated from a medical user.
by Anonystoner August 05, 2009
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A nickname given to the gothic girl named Paine in Final Fantasy X-2
Rikku: Dr. P is in the house!
Paine: Stop that!

Gippal: Whaddaya got in mind for fun?
Gippal: Any ideas, Dr. P?
Paine: Me?
Paine: A ship that glides through the air. That thing you mentioned before.
Paine: If it’s for real, I wanna fly it.
by Diversity In Music November 05, 2011
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Aka RP, means "do Role-play"
Bio: I am a girl and I like to dRP/RP
by baka_tho June 12, 2017
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my personal nickname for my drink of choice, Dr Pepper. many other people at my school have come to drinking the beverage and using my name for it as well.
"man ive got at least 30 Dr P cans laying in my basement. I should probably clean that mess up."
by Boomer June 04, 2006
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Domestic Rave Potential

Whan someone's house is fitting for a party.
Kiran: This corridor is sick. Your house has DRP

Jack: But mummy says no
by TheHairyGreekWoman July 10, 2011
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