Drop means dirty role play ~ sex and stuff
*licks his neck* you like that huh?

E.g on a fan acc you can drp with other people
by Molski04gg October 16, 2017
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dirty role play~
lots of gacha life heaters use it on Instagram
gacha_heat1:hey daddy wanna drp~
daddy.gacha: yes bbg
gacha_heat1:fuck me hard daddy~~
daddy.gacha:*puts penis in and cums*
daddy.gacha:*goes hard*
gacha_heat1:ooh yes daddy~
gacha.daddy:*plays with boobs and sucks pussy*
gacha.daddy:*licks boobs*
by bxch December 14, 2020
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A typo of the word 'dro, in terms of hydroponic marijuana.
"smokin on that 'drp"
by s to the c December 12, 2006
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those cringe accounts that r very horny and r prob a gacha heat accound
gacha heat 1: hey daddy waddy uwu
gacha heat 2: hey bbg grrr
gacha heat 1: frick me daddy uwu
gacha heat 2: yeah bbg grr
me: -slaps both of the people and kicks the boy in the balls-
gacha heat 1: daddy waddy im hurt unu carry me owo
gacha heat 2: -slaps-
me:-runs away-
run away from the pain~~~~~
dont drp pleade
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DRP (d.r.p., D.R.P., etc) stands for drug-related productivity. Anyone who has ever used drugs such as speed or good weed will know exactly what this is.

Note: not to be confused with "tweeking"
Here's an example of some drp:
Guy 1 - Hey man let's write a song
Guy 2 - Alright dude and then we can like rake leaves and shit
by TheManYouFear March 22, 2009
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DRP (Pronounce D-err-p): The Durham Regional Police Department that annoys the shit out of the non straight-edge citizens of Durham. They may sometimes appear nice, but one must remember that they are actually a private company and not a community police force. Money grabbing assholes! The DRP do not know of their new nickname ;P
*Upon seeing a DRP*
Me: Fuckin' DRP!
DRP1: Wtf?
*DRP1 goes to it's station, confused*
DRP1: Hey, something wierd happened today.
DRP2: What happened?
DRP1: I passed by some kid and he started shouting durp!
DRP2: That's trippy shit man, here, have a hit off this blunt I confiscated from a medical user.
by Anonystoner August 5, 2009
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n.- abbrv.- Date Rape Punch- the mix of a fruit drink with liquor at parties and box socials alike which is often spiked with different date rape drugs.
The DRP at the Gamma house led to a drastic spike in the college sexual assult statistics.
by Lucas Groth August 26, 2006
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