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those cringe accounts that r very horny and r prob a gacha heat accound
gacha heat 1: hey daddy waddy uwu
gacha heat 2: hey bbg grrr
gacha heat 1: frick me daddy uwu
gacha heat 2: yeah bbg grr
me: -slaps both of the people and kicks the boy in the balls-
gacha heat 1: daddy waddy im hurt unu carry me owo
gacha heat 2: -slaps-
me:-runs away-
run away from the pain~~~~~
dont drp pleade
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most people use it to laugh (old people or middle school girls trying to not over use lol)
but when someone does say XD their totally a fag now
cringe person: OMG XD LOL SO FUNNY
normal person: SHUT UP FAGGGGG
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