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drishti means vision.
a girl named drishti is the sweetest, most fun girl you've ever met. she has pretty eyes, a beautiful face and a smokin' hot bod. she is smart, and pretty humorous too. people love having her around, and she can be intimidating because of her charisma and personality.
her drishti is sharp.
i wish drishti were my friend!
oh! how beautiful drishti is!
by giver of knowledge July 25, 2018
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1. Vision
2. Blessing- the blessing you attain when a guru/ master looks at you.

3. common name for beautiful girls with good vision.
1. she has good Drishti.
2. The guru gave me lots of Drishti
3. Hi. I'm Drishti
by ThiyaSanders July 09, 2012
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