This is when you spit, and a line of saliva dribbles down to the ground or onto your clothes by accident.
"Urghh, That was a nasty dribs"
by Perx_ May 24, 2009
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British Slang

Complete dipshit in anything the person does.
Dude: Remember Mikey from yesterday?
Bro: Yeah, he was tripping over his laces. What's the worst part is they were already done.
Ham: I know right, fucking drib.
Dude: Who are you people?
by WeedIsNeat3217 May 14, 2016
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To leave or bounce from a location. (2)To hop or jump an opponent.
"Yo G-Spyda!, its too hot here, we need to drib before the po-po's pencil hop our ass." "Word up my fucking nigga." (2) "Yo suckas be talking smack. Let's drib them herbs." "Ha.. no doubt my dawg."
by i-ca$h, RK July 03, 2006
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In short - a dribbler. The kind of person that would view a house knowing he/she doesn't have the money to afford it.
Ahhhh don't serve him, he's a drib
by Yommy May 27, 2011
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