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The Universal tool. Used when the term "tool" is not enough to describe a person because they are such a tool that they have absolutely no idea what so ever what they are being used for and or what they are doing; a poser; Someone who tries to be something they are not.
"Wow look at Chad over there trying to act like he knows what hes talking about. What a tool." " No man, he is a damn dremel!"

"Damn dude I want a burger so bad, but I don't have any cash." "Dude go ask Tom I'm sure he will buy one for you. He's such a dremel."
by BigScottDaBo$$ December 03, 2008
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to poke, drill, torque, screw, cut, pulverize, abrade, scrape, chop, rip, saw; principally in the context of punishing another person or eliciting compliance with a demand.
I will dremel your ass if you don't do exactly as I say.
by undergarment December 14, 2010
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A tool that is very rarely ever used. It spends most of its life sitting in the shed. Can be used to describe a guy who is not only a tool, but he is the least used tool in the shed.
Jeremy Piven is a dremel.

"I can't believe that guy had sex with your little sister.

"Yeah dude, what a dremel."
by Annieboo09 March 31, 2009
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