when someone feels dread because of dread-locks
guy#1:hey did you hear what happened to tom?

guy#2:yah.someone pranked him and now he has dreads

guy#1:every time he looks in the mirror,his dreads remind him of his dad,he had dreads to.

guy#2:he must be feeling allot of dread dread
by boomdawg March 17, 2010
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Dread, a fucking goat, he is the PLUG for underground rap music
Dread: *plays music*
Guy: "Yo bro who this you listening to?"
Dread: "Slump6s, BabySantana, SSGKOBE and $NOT!"
by antiDread June 18, 2021
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hairstyle consisting of chunks of hair locked together, thus DREAD LOCKS (wow now wasn't that fun?). mainly worn by people of the rastafari culture and skanky surf punks in california.
That rasta's dreads are totally awesome, especially cuz it symbolizes his african roots and not his lame attempt to be something he's not.
by miss-know-it-all August 11, 2003
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Dread, when something is bad or not right
R man: Oi blud new laptop 500 unoe n fuckin murked it off alredy feel parred 2 tha max
C man:Mate ur dread
by Krazy Boii February 18, 2010
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<Wayne> Hey, how did Charles Dickens die?
<Pokey) Well I'm not really sure, but I heard he was infamous for dreading...
by dunce976 August 21, 2008
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a very hairy vagina;so hairy u can make dreads out of it
mark:yo,taylors all dreads down there

mikey: you fo real?
by mikey reid lives in westie February 23, 2008
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