"Drain the swamp" originally means to get rid of the malaria-carrying mosquitoes by draining the swamp. Figuratively, "drain the swamp" means "to exterminate something that is harmful" or anything that most of the people hate such as corruption or government waste. This term is especially attractive for politicians during campaign.
vow to drain the swamp in Washington DC
vow to drain the swamp of big government
by vanderpol August 1, 2010
A phrase used by political hacks to rally voters to their cause by promising to remove their respective governments of corrupt sycophants and replace them with corrupt sycophants that donated to their own political campaign. Typically results in a swampier swamp.
"Did you hear Trump is going to drain the swamp?"
"I doubt it."
by Urban Odin January 17, 2017
To 'drain the swamp" is to remove water from a fetid low-lying area to make room for the effluence of your own cesspool.
Donald Trump vowed to drain the swamp in Washington so he could fill it with the stool pigeons of the corrupt corporate elite
by Panoramaman December 21, 2016
Going number three; Going number 1 out your number 2; having diarrhea; Trump's presidency.
Man, it really hurts to wipe. This is the sixth time in two hours I've had to drain the swamp.
by theironblitz March 5, 2017
The act of performing cunnilingus on a woman during her period.
The perfect ending for a red valentine's date is to drain the swamp
by Taybaegay February 14, 2017
The process of shitting pure liquid funk out of your ass. Diarrhea.
"I can't come in to work , I gotta stay close to the toilet because I need to drain the swamp all day."
by e-chuta December 21, 2016
The take a shit and piss at the same time
“Damn I just drained the swamp now I feel 5 pounds lighter”

Drain the Swamp- To completely drain your bowels and bladder
by getreckm8 November 3, 2019