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A craving for a cig when you haven't had one, involves sweating, shaking, headache, tenseness, racing heart, high blood pressure and many others. It could be just one or two symptoms or more or even all of them. It is mostly mental as it goes away often before the first time.
Shit, bro, I run out of fags and am getting nicotine fit, u got a fag?
by myaccount May 10, 2015
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When your computer freezes up on you. It's still running, and it won't do what you want it to.
The computer was stuck on the page. It said the site was loading. Clicking didn't do any good. The computer was in a computer coma.
by myaccount August 03, 2012
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When someone wears business casual and it looks horrible.
The long dressy skirt and polo didn't look good together, it was a business casualty and tucking it in didn't make it look any better.
by myaccount September 29, 2011
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Dick pic
(picture of penis, commonly sent to the preferred sex)
Wassup babe, want a dp or the real thing?
by myaccount January 31, 2015
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