that guy i banged last night eas such a doyler!
by Anonymous November 4, 2003
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A young man (estimated to be aged between 17-20) resident in the Ranelagh area of South Dublin.
Very identifiable to some who look for the following characteristics.

- An entrepreneur mate.
- Fit ma.
- A primary teacher mate.
- Serious sexual health issues.
- Dusty trim (and dusty scrote).
- Tiny mickey.
- Knows aliases: Rodney, Titters, Spearsy.
Man 1: “Ahhh get in Doyler!”
Doyler: “Ahhh scrubba dat laddar!”
Man 1: “A boi Doyler”.
by Edward of All Men June 11, 2023
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The act of telling a joke so bad that you may get fired.
Dude 1: "John should be kicked out for making those doylers in his speech last night."
Dude 2:" I know, right?"
by Jiggly_MG May 17, 2015
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