Giving away someone’s private information like a douche bag you are like max dressler from tiktok.
I got doxed by Mac and Cheese dressing and now his fanbase will hunt me down.
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The act of releasing private information that can negatively impact people. Aka: Max Dresslering
Max Dressler’s mop lookin rat ass doxed my grandpa yesterday.
by Super69er May 12, 2020
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“Did you hear that Max Dressler doxed this girl?”
Oh yeah I heard of that lizard looking kid before. He’s a bitch”
by hottietown69 May 5, 2020
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someone who reveals personal information such as an email address, phone number or home address.
“hey did you hear how max dressler doxxed that girl on tiktok??”

“omg why would he do that??”
“because he’s a little b1tch DUH
“yo facts”
by graciegorl May 5, 2020
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Having your real personal information (e.g. name, address, phone number) discovered and revealed on the Internet, destroying anonymity
This pissed off so many people that the guy behind it was doxed, and will probably get what's coming to him
by drobilla November 17, 2012
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you’re probably from tik tok after hearing that max dressler did this.

btw it means leaking someone’s personal info.
a: hey did you hear that max is cancelled?

b: yeah why?
a: i heard he doxed someone!
by charliegrace May 6, 2020
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Using private information gleaned from the internet to attack someone with whom you disagree, often by publishing their person info, opening them to abuse and possibly, danger.
While many consider doxing to be unethical, there continues to be a segment of internet users who will do anything to attack someone they don't like, or disagree with on an issue.

After a Black Lives Matter protested at a Bernie Sanders rally, some of his supporters doxed the young woman, revealing that she had worn a Sarah Palin button once in high school, which they found deep in her facebook history.
by Vegwellian March 11, 2016
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