A non-literal term, either mental or spoken. Only used for a single man that implies an emotional and physical connection. Used upon seeing a lady during a situation (short or long term) in which you cannot make immediate contact with a woman. An unfinished desire to talk to her, or a desire to demonstrate your attraction to her - such as in a workplace environment, a passing in a store, mall, bus, a business meeting, subway, freeway, or any other qwik and/or continuous passing environment, or perhaps even on TV.
{ie. 7 of 9 ... Star Trek } Call ME or email me Jeri Ryan! I love you!

Denotes the desire to be able to make a connection and relationship with a woman who has been unavailable over a period of time or just for a minute. Could be a teacher or just a girl you know, or don't really know, or someone who always boards the bus at 8'th street and gets off at 10'th street.
A wish to have intimate, close coversation/meeting. An urge to have a more meaningful communication/connection with someone not currently available or approachable. Also means a sexual reference for wanting to have more than just sex with that person. Thugs can skip the part about "to have more than just" part above.
An inward emotion and/or thought that is based on sight and impression of what you believe this person to be. The number one sign of "get her home address" syndrome is when you first saw her you said "GHHA" inside your head right at the same time your knees went weak! And never new it meant
G(et) H(er) H(ome) A(ddress)
Man! I'd love to get her home address! ( Don't forget to email me Jeri Ryan!)
by LayItOnYou March 21, 2007
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