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doxxing is when someone posts someones personal info for example home address,school address,last name,credit card info and private pictures of family members. doxxing mostly happens on discord some doxxers use links to fool ppl into clicking them when the link is clicked on your address and all of ur personal info will be theirs there are also bots on discord that use scam links that can also get ur personal info and everything. doxxing is a horrible thing but can sometimes be used for good one time someone gave a pedophiles address to an anti pedophile group and they pulled up with 30 mobs. doxxing can be used for good but sadly its mostly used for evil
1. yo whats doxxing?

2. its where a person leaks someone elses info

1. *leaks 2s info*

2. FUC-
by shing shing shing SHING June 16, 2022
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a word ppl use after eating some good ass food
grandma : timmy i made u cookies!

timmy :grandma these cookies BUSSING!
by shing shing shing SHING June 16, 2022
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