having a sore back, usually a country term
Hey Elmer,you still down in the back?
by VictorM April 7, 2006
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A variation on "Down To Fuck," Down to Not Text Back implies a girl that will most definitely not return your digital advances. Usually, this situation can be transparent. However, the worst cases occur when you get totally played and blindsided by a girl who's seemingly really really really into you.
by Bury Me A Lion August 6, 2011
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A person who essentially has went through life unnoticed and in the background of society. Is more than likely a virgin.
What a rare looking fella!
Yeah he probably lives down the back.
by Doesn'tlivedowntheback September 26, 2017
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It means that you winning in everything against anyone, no man stands a chance.
"If you step on this court with me, I'm going down backs"
" Tay you want me in Madden?" " Man I'll go down your back!"
by Tay Hocker the Creator October 18, 2009
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A line of flavor text when fighting Sans that might pop up, the protagonist is described as 'feeling their sins crawling down their back'.

Other words can be transplanted into it.
You felt your sins crawling down your back (Original)
You felt a girl crawling down your back
you felt ___ crawling down your back
by Shalax February 27, 2016
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saying someone has cheese down their back is another way of saying they’re a pedo
Bob:”have you seen that girl over there”
Niki minaj:”yuh they defo have cheese down his/her/their back”
Bob:”wait it’s selena...”
Niki:”gotta keep an eye out for selena”
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