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ohhh... so now y'all furries are here. This isn't even google, how pervy can you be? eww please leave. if your using a DICTIONARY for this you are either a boomer which is impossible or an actual dumb ass 5yr who knows WAY to much about how we function. If you are that smart, why are you at a DICTIONARY? That's it. I...I I QUIT!!!!!!
Why you asking? To you, this is google right?...how to make out with a fox.( I was required to type this ok sorry..)
by randomspaghettipepsi~666 October 5, 2021
You actually searched this up!? YOU PERV FUCK YOU If you actually know what you’ve searched, it’s a fan-fic style manga, normally reader x things.
Zoë bought a fan - made Pokémon doujinshi. It’s really weird and pervy.
by randomspaghettipepsi~666 September 18, 2021