Generally a rich drug dealer, dealing anything from marijuana to coke.
Man, I'm fiending! Give me the phone, I'll call dough boy, he'll give me the hook-up.
by perpetualdreamer March 25, 2005
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The newest sex prank that everyone is doing. Before conducting intercourse, hind a cup full of baking flower within reach of you. When your done conducting intercourse, skeet all over the girls face, then whip the flower as hard as you can into her face. She'll usually start off by saying "what the fuck," and she'll then proceed to wipe the flower off of her face. When it mixes in with the ejaculated substances, it forms a doughy dough like ball, much like bread dough. This is called the dough boy, or also referred to as the bread maker.
I dough boy'd the shit out of Amy last night. You should have been there to see the look on her face.
by Kyle Datsun May 3, 2009
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Someone who gets unreasonably concerned with their partner's actions and assumes they must be cheating.
'I found my girlfriend's thing under her bed but I didn't put it there, should I confront her?'

'Nah man, that's normal, don't be a dough boy.'
by peer pressure November 9, 2015
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A cool fat kid that will kill if you touch his pot belle
by Adam1100 February 7, 2004
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Look at dough boy over there! Haha, I could make donuts from him.
by Apul January 20, 2003
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