A person, usually white, who is a giant douche.
Tom wears unbutton t shirts and caps from the gap. There for he is a White Douchery.
by The Shadowily figure July 19, 2010
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the act of a miss carla berry
i got really wrecked i pulled a carla douchery berry....made a total mess of my self
by Carla Berry September 19, 2008
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(a) a large building, warehouse or complex where douche is produced in mass. (b) a smaller building i.e. certain bars, restaurants or brewery's where fine, quality or aged douche is created and fermented. (c) a single individual purveyor of douche, when referring to an individual quality can be sacrificed for quantity!
That bar is a total douchery\´dü-sha-réé \ n:

Every time that guy opens his mouth it's like a tour through a douchery\´dü-sha-réé \ n:

douche douchery ´dü-sha-réé dushary douche bag
by Space_Cowboy_ March 29, 2011
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In ancient Roman Times, public pre-orgy bathing centers.
"Caesar, away with us to the douchery. Tonight, we orgify."
by TugglesB November 4, 2012
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Actions that are of the douchbag variety.
My boyfriend threatened to kill himself if I left him - so much douchery I can't even begin to describe it.
by Janofarc January 22, 2016
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